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Economics Jobs

As a department, we had a meeting about jobs in economics.

I collected some information on the subject. Out of 31656 job postings, most summaries are duplicates- the positions may be different, but the first 30 words of the summary were the same.  Here are the results of 638 unique postings for “economics entry level” across several cities.

Some good takeaways:

  • Bachelors Degree: You actually have to finish!
  • Responsible, professional, experience:  Employers expect to get the impression that you care about what you are doing.  They expect to get the impression that you can do it, and often unfairly expect that you have done it.  I note experience is considered important, even for entry level positions.  This complaint seems to be commonly repeated by job-seekers in this era.
  • Data, analyst, research, quantitative, math, statistics:  You’re going to be working with data, and are expected to work with hard numbers. Take your Econometrics and Statistics classes seriously!

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