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Transportation, Crime, Urban Economics:

An analysis of the New York City traffic volume, vehicle collisions, and safety under COVID-19 (Journal of Safety Research)

COVID‐19 challenges and firm responses: Analysis of a city‐wide census in a developing country (Managerial and Decision Economics)

Different firm responses to the COVID-19 pandemic shocks: machine-learning evidence on the Vietnamese labor market (International Journal of Emerging Markets)

Catastrophe and Rational Policy: Case of National Security (Economic Inquiry)

Vision Zero: Speed Limit Reduction and Traffic Injury Prevention in New York City (Eastern Economic Journal)

Uber and Urban Crime (Transportation Research Part A)

Terrorism Risk and Optimal Policy Response: Theory and Empirics (IGDR)

University Provided Transit and Crime in an Urban Neighborhood (Annals of Regional Science)

Can Safe Rides Reduce Urban Crime? (Regional Science and Urban Economics)

Computer Science, Machine Learning, Games:

Deployment of Causal Effect Estimation in Live Games of Dota 2 (IEE:TOG)

Resolving Simultaneity Bias: Using Features to Estimate Causal Effects in Competitive Games (IEEE:COG)

Standard Economic Models in Nonstandard Settings – StarCraft: Brood War (IEEE:CIG)

Newspaper and Other Press:

WalletHub Interview (2022)

WalletHub Interview (2021)

Undermind Interview #2 (2019)

Undermind Interview (2019)

Economics reboot: Affordable OER and digital resources (2016)

Safe Ride Really Does Provide a Safe Side (2014)

Economic Impact of the Milwaukee Brewers (2013)

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