Teaching Materials

I have taken to using Open Educational Resources (OER) for introductory courses. It saves students critical dollars, is immediately accessible, and I have found the quality of the text to be excellent.  I would like to thank the College of William and Mary for giving me a grant to investigate these texts, which was critical in designing the syllabus for the first course and testing the supplementary materials that are available.  Further work was heavily supported by CSI, which helped provide incentives for professors to switch to OER textbooks and pass these savings onto students.

Below are teaching materials commonly requested:

Syllabus for Introductory Microeconomics (OER) 

Syllabus for Introductory Macroeconomics (OER)

Syllabus for Introductory Econometrics

Syllabus for Industrial Organization

Syllabus for Behavioral Economics

Syllabus Urban Economics (Online During Pandemic)

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